Speaking Engagements



Sean has informed and inspired students at campuses across the country. In this modern age where mindless activity often prevails intellectual effort, Sean has shown the ability to entertain while exploring subjects that matter. He's been invited to places such as University of Chicago, Duke University, UCLA, Temple University, Boston University, Baylor University, University of Hawaii, and more. Click the button below to request Sean as a speaker or master of ceremonies at your campus.

Sean at the Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine 

Sean at the Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine 

Events and Causes

Sean is involved with several movements that are at the heart of the culture war in our society. As a Catholic and advocate for the the value and dignity of all life, Sean has been a leader and speaker at events and organizations such as the Museum and Catholic Culture Center in Ohio, Legatus, IGNITE Catholic Men's Conference, Theology of the Body Series, Lake Charles Pro Life Gala, The March for Life, and many more. Click below to learn more about causes that Sean supports. 

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